SMCE Increases Speed to Science

The SMCE Increases Speed to Science In May of 2023 Ashapure, Pahlevan, Wainwright, Smith, Saranathan, and Zhai presented the success of the Aquaverse approach of using machine learning to create a more accurate robust atmospheric correction method for estimating remote sensing reflectance for aquatic remote sensing. It was also identified that with the superior results…

Eclipse Explorer

The SMCE Hosts Eclipse Explorer NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) created the 2024 Eclipse Explorer interactive web application to show the path and timing of the eclipse. This application was first deployed in October 2023 for the Annular Eclipse.  There were concerns that the SVS on-premises hosting capabilities would be overwhelmed if they hosted such a high-profile public application….

Helio Cloud

Helio Cloud

Helio Cloud HelioCloud is open Cloud based capability The Helio Cloud is sponsored and organized by the NASA Heliophysics Digital Resources Library (HDRL). The HelioCloud project brings large datasets (“big data”) close to powerful computing resources in a way that enhances the ability to solve novel problems and enhances open science collaboration across fields and…