Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC)

CCMC uses SMCE to:

  • Exploit easily varying system components and sizes
  • Address capacity needs beyond on premises computing
  • Easy access to a broader community
  • Simplified collaboration with model builders.
  • Note picture to the right taken from which details the empirical atmospheric model NRLMSIS 2.0 currently available on the CCMC runs on request service (ROR).

  • Provide free access to modern space science research models through an automated model run system, as well as online visualization and analysis tools.
  • Test and evaluate models as an unbiased agent against standard metrics, through event studies and real-time calculations, in direct support of science users.
  • Support space weather forecasters through transitioning of research models to operations, model evaluation, and provisioning of forecasting tools.
  • Guide student researchers, create simulation and visualization resources for classrooms and summer schools, and host and train software interns.
  • CCMC uses both NASA Ames on premises computing and the SMCE Cloud environment. The SMCE is used because of the flexibility to facilitate collaboration with model developers and to establish proof of concept shared environments with various groups meeting the goals of ‘Research-to-Operation-to-Research’ (R2O2R) (example: CCMC-NOAA, CCMC-M2M environment)